Friday, February 11, 2011

The Tao Of Karma

This article was originally published in Infinity Magazine

From birth we are programed to think that things are either good or evil. While there are positive and negative forces around us, the universal law has no point of view. Things simply happen without regret as in nature. There are things we may consider acts of evil but anothers point of view may see it as good. In universal reality good and evil do not exist, but the true archetypical conscious and karma do.
The way it works is your conscious determines your karma. The word 'KARMA' is a Hindu term that means 'DOING'.ie:"That's your good doing" or "That's your good karma." What you do determines your karma. Your spirit is like a magnet and karma is like a million little metal chips floating around. There is positive karma and negative karma. This is where you conscious plays in. When you do something that makes you feel good or those around you feel good you attract positive karma. When you do things that fill you with regret, anger, or make others feel this way, you of coarse attract negative karma. This can play a major roll in your emotions. The more you attract of one or the other can effect you behavior and those around you.
Another factor in this is what we call "the Apocalypse" or "Ragnarok" as the Norse call it. You see every time someone dies they are experiencing the end of 'their' world, ie:The Apocalypse. When someone dies, unless they have been spiritually trained, death comes as such a shock that you give yourself up to those karmic forces which have attached to you. This is where the term "the final battle between good and evil" comes from. The more positive or negative karma you have determines where you are placed in the great divine plan.

-By Brian S. Morgan

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